Sunday, August 18, 2013

"And Say It As Loud As You Can!"

This post is a bit self-deprecating, touching on rather superficial aspects of me and nothing mommy related lessons at all!

I am clearly in a state of disbelief and shock! Whoa! Am I really out again, and on a weeknight nonetheless???! (taken on a Thursday) Well as you can see, my emotional state clearly had some effect on my dressing. I seemed to be overly excited, bordering delusional when I thought I can still pull off a bandage skirt and a white cotton tee! I was holding my breath the entire time my photos were taken. No need to lie! Mommahood has given me flabs of excess skin that my derma deemed impossible to get rid of with exercise or even those laser treatments. I made a huge mistake of not wearing my bestfriend - the girdle that night. It didn't help that I tucked in a quesadilla before the bday party that also served tremendous amount of food and cake! 

After this photo, gone are my thoughts of flaunting my legs - the only remaining part of me that is visually pleasing to the eye. It actually tricks you into thinking I am thin. haha Or maybe I should just distance myself to anything that hugs my tummy this much! But I couldn't help myself with this one. This skirt (photo did not capture the detail unfortunately) is a shade of highlighter yellow in stretch lace fabric -  a cloth usually associated with romantic and classic shades. Me, being a sucker for a contradiction, just had to. 

What really surprised me the most about this look is how I chose to accessorize it. I rarely go for the full kablam - in your face styling. I felt that my accessories were so loud but it actually works!  You can say I had some fashion epiphany with this one. After coming out from my long retreat of being a hermit momma, I found myself at a loss mostly with accessories. At that time I felt that too much effort is exerted in adding more from my usual pearl earrings and wedding band combo. 

As such is the case, we often downplay the importance of accessories and often choose to forego it completely. We even sometimes stick to what is easy, a formula we have perfected that we no longer experiment with something new. However the time and effort is clearly necessary and much deserved since they are the object that completes a look. They also transform. A quick change of earrings can carry a day outfit to a night out look in a matter of minutes. It can change something so basic to something fabulous in a snap. In addition, it is also the easiest and one of the cheaper ways to update your wardrobe and stay on trend. 

So clearly I am moving forward and devoting my time on this topic. As silly and shallow as it may seem.  I actually feel this is something monumental for me. I think I expressed it in my past posts how my pregnancy left me feeling a bit out of sorts. Although it is evident that my experience has left me more mature and more caring as a person. I cannot begin to say how glad I am that I have come so far in my spiritual and emotional growth. However, I still also miss some snippets of the younger more carefree me. The one that clearly cares too much about fashion and ootd! HAHA I still miss her.  So I want this post to mark the return of that girl. Hoped you missed her too coz she's itching to come back!

much love

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Black and White

Out of nowhere hubby asked me if I wanted to go out last night. WELL DUH of course I DID!!! But going out is not as easy as it sounds. Now that we are currently without a helper and have just one yaya, every day out or night out should be planned days ahead with accompanying valid reason too. Hubby and I rarely get to go out together since one of us has to stay home.  So dates/night outs are even more special now. 

Chic ensemble in black and white for a laid back night out.   I realize my default is  to create contrasts in my ensemble. I rarely go full on a theme. For this outfit I preferred to balance out my faux leather shorts with something classic and soft, with my chiffon blouse from my MIL's store to offset it. 

Last night was one of those miracles. It was impromptu but it pushed through! Luckily my mom was available and willing to baby-sit. Funny how it all felt like I'm in high school and going out was highly dependent on my mother's permission. HAHA 

Faux leather paperbag shorts are becoming a staple in my closet. 

Was actually waiting for her to criticize my outfit choice too like before but this time she approved! Even willing to take my photos! YAY mom!!! =)

Armed with statement earrings and pink lippie and I am ready to go!

much love

Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Monthsaries 1-11!

I know I promised a post on my Twins' Monthsary Pictorials so here goes...

Like I explained in my previous post (here) each one is significant to the current physical/emotional stage they were at at that time. Well ok fine - also my whims and moods!

As they were only capable of lying on their backs obviously - this is their 1st month photo! I was so happy my sister was starting a cake decorating class at that time and we were able to borrow a mock cake! teehee I aslo thought of a constant which is the picture frame with the month on it!

On their 2nd Month it may seem that they regressed! HAHA They are not even awake in this photo! I placed them in their changing table just to have a different setting. 
On their 3rd month I felt it would be appropriate to dress em up already! So out came the gingham dresses! YAY! haha They were also starting to sit up with support so hence this position. It took many tries since Lila kept on falling onto Sandra - after a dozen tries I decided to just go with it! Turns out nicely still I think!
On their 4th Month I wanted to show them sitting on their respective Bumbos but to no avail. They kept squirming and getting off! So I had to make do with this! Make sense too since they have mastered supporting their heads up at this point! This is actually one of my faves too. And take note, they are already sporting the headbands that I made. I think it was around this time as well that I got a yaya. 

Sooooo! This the 5th month was when I was all excited since they were more agile and mobile! Silly me! Of course that also meant a harder time to get them to stay put for a photo!  All I got from outtakes were them trying to have a go at my camera! Glad was able to capture this one =)
Look at my babies all behaved at 6 months. NOT! I had extra hands to help me with this. Good thing mom was here as she didn't want to miss their first feeding! HAHA It is really a miracle I capture these things!

7 months was all about crawling and crawling and grabbing. This pretty much showed that.  You can just imagine my frustration at this time! This was literally a work out for me! I had to keep going back and forth trying to put them in their proper place!
At 8 months my babies have perfected standing up! This photo is so inspired right?? HAHA Even took the effort to have a theme and make them tutus! This was also around the time we got this miracle of a mat (I forgot the brand but it is available at Hobbes and Landes) . Best buy ever as this allowed them to explore without getting hurt! It is soft yet sturdy so they can easily tread on it and roll around. 
Another inspired post! I cannot help it when I checked that the RL coat their godmother gave them fits already! So I just had to have this shot done! They took turns wearing that coat but it fit Sandra better =) So Lila had some fix up from Momma the Stylist! HAHA What she is wearing is a dress turned backwards =p See also that the picture frame is already MIA. I tried but gave up when all they was have a go at it!

At 10 months was when they had their first swim! Their late christmas gift from another godmother came in handy too! Aren't they just adorable in their swimsuits?? =)

And on their 11th month I was seriously in full party prep mode.  I was already done with their headpieces and made them wear this flower blooms! My cute little fairies!!!
I hope you guys enjoyed looking through their 1st year with me. I'm getting all teary eyed but really I just can't wait for them to keep surprising me. They are growing up into such beautiful individuals and shaping up to be unique from each other it is getting me all excited.

much love

Monday, August 5, 2013

(Breast)milk and cookies

It has been 1 year, 2 months and 3 days since I FIRST breast fed my twins. I made a decision to do this while pregnant, being now a more informed adult. With my first, I really wasn't prepared enough for what I was going to take on. It resulted to a few unsuccessful tries and me giving up right away. I am glad that since then, doctors, hospitals and breastfeeding advocates have been adamant and more out there in teaching us about this. 

Drunk on mom's milk! 
My Medela Freestyle hard at Work since June 2012
When I found out I was carrying twins, I researched right away on how other moms handled breastfeeding this way. Books and forums helped on letting me know what to expect. But I guess, no matter what, your story is always unique to you. In my case after a few weeks of breastfeeding I switched to full expressing with the mighty help of my Medela Freestyle. I cannot cannot keep up. I felt that I was just alternating them non-stop. Someone is always latched on to me! I wasn't too keen on breast feeding them at the same time too. I couldn't lift them both up! I know my excuse would seem flimsy to some who have succeeded in doing this. I believe though, that as moms we should continue to encourage and support one another. We should offer our advise, tips and the tricks our experiences gave us and then HOLD BACK ON JUDGEMENTS. 

OK this blog entry is taking a completely different turn. Let me get back on what I really want to share. 

After my twins' 1st birthday, I allowed myself a bit of slack. Up to that point I have been feeding my babies pure breast milk, that I expressed.  As there are two of them, my supply just allows me to leave the house at most 6 hours at a time. I will always be carrying my pump around with me. I really felt a bit restrained. I have stopped working and being able to go out was considered a miracle. So after a year, I told myself, I wouldn't be the worst mother to allow them to have formula. I started skipping my 1am and 4am pumping schedule and just sleep. So my milk started to dwindle. At this point I want it to stop already. I am easing them into full formula feeding. I am sick of pumping. I am sure pumping does not even come close to the joys of breastfeeding. However as my milk supply starts to lessen, I found myself at a panic. I realized I cannot give it up just yet! I have become attached to the thought of this practice. It was quite empowering really, to be able to provide nourishment for your baby. How truly amazing it is to be creating milk! I bet those who breastfeed feel this kind of attachment 10x more than I do. So I needed a bit of help. 

My quite amazing friend, mompreneur Paola of Mommy Treats came to my rescue and gave me a sampler of all her lactation treats. 
Lactation GOODIES!!!

I first tried the chocolate chip oatmeal cookie and was a bit surprised. It actually tastes like a real cookie! Not those bland ones that immediately leads you to think it is healthy and good for you HAHA. Safe to say I immediately bit into everything. My ultimate fave is her brownie which is not surprising as it is her best seller. It is all sorts of delish! 

So this is what happens when I want to try everything out!
Included with all these goodies was a pamphlet, detailing storage guide, re-heating tips and what to expect etc. These treats are actually jam-packed with everything you need to increase your milk supply including Fenugreek, Brewer's Yeast, Flaxseed and Rolled Oats. All that in a calorie controlled pack. Since what they aim is "to increase your milk supply and not your weight ". Ain't that just the best??!
I took that info with me and enjoyed eating guilt-free! I also started pumping more often again and I must say I reach my target amount in a much lesser amount of time. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

So hard to resist these lil ones

So anyway as I am blogging, I am currently sampling the choco spoons. I was advised to stir the choco spoons on warm milk or water, even coffee. I like my way best though - munching on it straight up! haha

much love

Got the Happy Blues

Decided to go blue for my babies' outfits to attend their first birthday partay! 
Do excuse their bare feet and smile-less poses as these were taken after and their energy levels
 have plummeted already.  

 A well-deserved applause to Trey's mommy, Joyce for setting up the whole thing! I can seriously relate how taxing it can all get as I did the set up for my twins as well.
Which reminds me! I have to blog about that one soon!!! =))

Cannot wait for these young ones to grow up! 

much love

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Gone were the days of full warranted attention given to my little boy. Now that I am minding three, its a totally different ball game. My eldest recently got sick of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD) which he caught from his classmate/s. This literally sent me through a panic. Without even completely knowing what it was I was seriously distraught. It really sounds soooo bad and a bit icky right? Reminds you of the swine disease. Good thing I was reassured by our pedia that like any other, we can combat the spread with constant hand-washing, disinfection of surfaces and avoiding close contact (hugging, kissing sharing utensils etc.).  The last one felt like a death sentence to my 6 year old. He is such a hugger! We had to quarantine him to his room and of course he was not allowed to even see his sisters. =(

I was so heart broken seeing him missing his daily play time with his sisters. On top of that I was also exercising extreme caution and avoided giving him hugs as well. It was so hard since he is really malambing. Our bedtime routine involves cuddles and kisses! Also he had to finally use his room for sleeping. It was as if he was forced to grow up! I was actually so proud of him. He understood that everything was essential. There were no fussing except for that one night when he requested me to sing him to sleep instead of our usual cuddle time.  

I guess what really helped was when we made him understand that it is the sickness that we do not want and not him. I was so scared that he might take it badly and feel that we are alienating him and feel left out of the family. He kept his high spirits all through out and found ways to entertain himself. He even invented "virus power" as if it was a game and that was his weapon. Another thing that helped too was when we let him skype with his sisters, as per my younger brother's suggestion. It worked wonders in cheering him up! And I seriously believe his sisters were missing him too and got all hyped up and excited whenever they see him on the screen. After 2 weeks the doctor finally cleared him for school. So glad this was over and we can finally resume our routine. Hugs all around!

much love