Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clean Slate

I know I have been sticking with this palette all too often but I cannot shake this color combination. It feels so easy on the eyes and spells R-E-L-A-X instantly. So on a laid back, errands day with my sis I chose to stick to this formula I know too well.  

A clean slate huh... I know that brings all sorts of theological thoughts into your heads. However for me, it is just something as simple as starting the day fresh and renewed, full of never ending hopefulness of what goodness the day will bring. Again, today I was given that fresh start that I needed to remind myself of my worth and the importance of doing what I am passionate about. I am again thanking the universe for chance encounters and endless opportunities.   And of course for the day well spent with my sister who is my rock and inspiration. I know I do not tell her that enough. Let's keep on keeping on sis! 

White cotton tee from Topshop, Cream sporty silk shorts from Topshop, cream platforms online store find, Gray 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli

much love

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Subtle hints

I have rekindled my love for my cover-ups and this clean, subtle palette of beiges, cream and peach. I got the best inspiration from my new pieces from Lala Garcia Manila which I got first dibs on thanks to my cousin dearie who designs these pieces! Aren't they just lovely? 
Pompom bouquet in mother of pearl chips ring
(available already in different semi-precious chips you may order through ZALORA and LAZADA)
Bohippie Chunky white turquoise cut stone on peach cord strands necklace
Bohippie white tasseled braided cord bracelet
(Bohippie collection to be launched soon!)

Together with this simple outfit post I want to share to you a few realizations that came my way recently.  I want to say that I have been brought up by the principle of being generous. I think my parents ingrained this deep into our beings. I am grateful for the constant reminders from my mom and her examples especially when life was really a bit trying. She would often tell me that you cannot be selfish. No matter what, there are those far less fortunate than you and really generosity takes on many forms. It may not be all about money. It can  be your time and effort too. Although as I said I have practiced this all through out never have I felt the beauty of how the universe and God work than recently. I have witnessed a chain of beautiful events that I want to attribute to the fact that I have been obliging and altruistic. Our efforts may or may not be directly returned but count on it that God will find a way to bless you. I want to be reminded of this moment wherein things just worked out for me. I am forever grateful. Now looking forward to raising my kids with this attitude to life as well. 

much love

Sunday, October 6, 2013

On Separation Anxieties and Quality Times

My husband and I were having mixed emotions as the date of our trip to Davao drew closer. You see, this trip is of many firsts. For our family, it will be the first since I have been pregnant and given birth to the twins, first time we will ever leave them and a first time to be with my nephew Rafa out of town. It was also a renewal of sorts. It has been so long since C's last trip that required him to ride a plane that his memory of it was a bit muddled already. It has also been sooooo long since we have been out just the 3 of us or even just my hubby and I. Our last beach/out of town trip was more than 2 long years ago. I was also happy that I will get to spend time with my side of the family on this trip. In addition I get that time with friends too! However it was all so bittersweet knowing that I will be missing my girls and my girls will be missing out on it too. 

Last hugs and kisses before we leave for the airport
Our big boy! C insisted on carrying his on luggage!
Lola very happy to be with her boys!

Hubby and I were lamenting on how will we survive. We haven't been apart from them ever. Although we joked that at least now we will finally get that much needed sleep, I still had that nagging feeling that I didn't think I will be able to sleep at all and be missing my girls all too much! I was having anxiety attacks just thinking about it. 

Facetime with my babies. They are not very happy talking to the screen =(
It was a constant internal struggle. I had to remind myself however that I am not just a mom to my twins; I am also a wife to my husband, a friend to my girls, a sister to my Ate, a daughter to my mom and of course a mother to my Carlos. Out of all the whirlwind that is of having twins, I have somewhat neglected the people I hold dear to my life but what is most painful is that my son will be the one who suffers the most out of this. 

C rekindling his love of plane rides

Our trip to Davao, first and foremost, was for my best friend's wedding. It turned out to be such a wonderful affair made even more special that my friend Kelly got my mom as their ninang and my nephew as a bearer too. 

The Newly Weds!!!

This wedding also gave my family some time together! My Mom is Ninang and Rafa, my nephew is also a bearer and was carried by my sister down the aisle. It was indeed a family affair!

The men all suited up!

The Ring and Bible Bearer! Our gwapitos in their matching suits!

A wedding is always the best excuse for a get away and we jumped into this much needed opportunity. Although it might seem harsh, we knew we had to leave the twins right at the get go. We have learned the hard way of bringing C when he was still so young and we had intentions of enjoying ourselves as well.  You just can't. Especially if that out of town trip was planned with friends and not as a FAMILY vacation. You parents know what I mean right? Those take special and careful planning and coordination, a lot of helping hands,  unlimited supply of energy and patience and a different mind set completely. 

We owed Carlos a beach trip! Glad to have finally given him one!

Cannot wait for Kelly to join the momma train!!!  Our other friend Mara is preggy too! So next out of town trips will be more wholesome and kid friendly for sure hahaha
I am glad this boy is letting go of his fear of water...

And enjoying the sand.

Group shot! This will be the last time where C is our only baby!!! Next trips I promise to bring the twins and also welcome that baby in Kelly and Mara's tummy! No pressure to my unmarried friends ahem ahem!

Quality time with our eldest!!!
I had fears that I would be in constant tears for missing  my girls.  I was during the wedding but for a different reason of course. I also thought that when I get back my girls would have felt the neglect and would shrug me off completely. Of course this was silly, my babies actually stayed up late the night we got back. It was as if they knew we were coming and welcomed us with hugs!  All in all it was a much deserved trip for everyone. I knew it was also good for ME though that came as a plus to having spent quality time with my eldest.

much love

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Miu Miu Spring RTW 2014

I am all sorts of crazy over Miu Miu's latest collection!I am awestruck on how this speaks to me in so many levels! Pastel leather, the sudden pop of rich color,  beaded fringe, whimsical prints and lady like tailoring is the perfect gift fashion world has given me today! I am so inspired and fired up! Thank you Miuccia Prada you have done it once again!

much love

Joie de Vivre: Kelly and Mike's Engagement Shoot

I personally think that engagement shoots are the best time to get high on romance wherein you get to see how into each other the couple are. Of course some would probably beg to differ and tell me that aren't weddings supposed to be on the top spot of the mushy meter? But really I tell you,  I have come to enjoy being a spectator to the chemistry and body language my couples exude on and off the camera at this time. At shoots you see how the couple interact with each other, how they fit into each other's moulds and just be. I love it! I cannot put my finger on what makes them go unbounded on all the mushiness. I think it has something to do with being in a beautiful setting, dressed to the nines and being in constant close contact with each other minus the pressure of it being your BIG day. 

Mike and Kelly did not disappoint in giving us the chills. I am witness to how these two normally are BUT I tell you they were on over drive on that day. Especially Mike who can't help exclaim on how hot his soon-to-be wife is wearing that orange backless number! HAHA The photos are beautiful and translate just how these two are meant for each other. 


Photography: Pat Dy, Caliber King and Denise Llanos Dee
Styling: Donna Gonzales Lim of Joie de Vivre, La Belle Fete
HMUA: Terrie Jinayon
Orange and Pink Gowns by Bryan Peralta of Veejay Floresca
Venue: Clearwater, Pampanga

much love

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Marks and Spencer's Food Fair

I think it was such a great stroke of luck to have been invited to Marks and Spencer's Food Fair. I arrived in time for Chef Luigi Muhlach's cooking demo using M & S's food products that I was surprised they carry! Who would have thought they have canned crab meat, mashed potatoes and duck spring rolls ready to just pop in the oven toaster!!!  It was clearly the right amount of encouragement that I needed. You see, I rarely ever cook! And if I do, it will always be a simple pasta dish over and over again. What they showed us were fail proof recipes using M & S ready made, high quality products that will surely leave my hubby all impressed! I am saved!!!

My good friend Chesa was my date for the evening.  Surely had such a great time with you! Really love your helpful tips and inputs too!

Chef Luigi with the beautiful host, Sam Oh in action.

Sharing this to everyone!!!

I am so excited to peruse their shelves. Its as if the doors to endless possibilities have opened for me especially that M&S have dropped their prices too! Now I can inject these seemingly complicated menus to our everyday meals. Looks like I'll be spending more time in the kitchen!

Enjoying our samplers! YUM YUM! That added twist of the raspberry jam does the trick! 
My ultimate fave was the simplest of all. I usually make ham sandwiches for my boys' merienda and the recipe given was made to be so delicious by just adding a few key ingredients. I'm sure my boys would love the hint of sweetness coming from the M&S raspberry jam that was added. I sure loved it!

What followed was a wine and food pairing talk by Chie Gatchalian of 5 & 1/2 twists, a wine expert and one hot momma. She captivated us with her great choice of words and adjectives that just flowed as she described the qualities of the different bottles of wine. Of course it also helped that we got a try of everything and tasted it for ourselves! 

Chesa sniffing her Merlot
This was such a great and helpful segment and I highly enjoyed it! I am such a wine noob and I'm getting quite embarrassed already that I still do not know squat! I usually choose a bottle based on its price! I am also so glad to learn that M&S wine bottles have in their back labels the technical features of the wine and suggested food pairings! Makes it so easy for everyone!

All smiles from the highly satisfied crowd hihi

Ms. Chie Gatchalian, the wine connoisseur that she is was actually quite impressed with M & S's wine selection and its low retail price. Some are priced for just Php 600! So you know where I'll be buying my wine for our future wine nights and I'll be armed with facts too! Cannot wait for the much needed break from mommyhood and have a wine night with my ladies!

Thank you again Marks and Spencer for this great learning experience! 

much love