Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day Musings

My friend gave me the perfect Mother's Day greeting in a form of an article imparting the "latest parenting method". It had come to me at just the right time as I have been recently harbouring thoughts that really should not have been entertained in the first place. Coming from a 5 day business trip sans the kiddos, I was at my lowest low. I was tired and not feeling the spirit of mom's day at all.  I have led myself to fall into a pity trap. I blame it on our current generation that is so immersed in social media wherein we get a sneak peek of how the other person lives so easily. How effortless it is now to share moments and achievements to our network. Though we can argue that this can be a good thing. We learn a lot from what others share if we follow the right people. However, how easy also to compare lifestyles which may take a wrong turn into jealousy and resentment. A horrible horrible thing. I for one have been vulnerable to such recently. I hate it. It is the worst feeling. I follow moms that seem to have a hand on it all - the experts, the supermoms. So easy to let you feel that you are not doing it right...  So really this message cannot come at the best time. At the moment when moms are being glorified for a stellar job, I was sulking at the thought that maybe I am not doing enough.  The message cannot be any clearer. 

An excerpt from the article: 

  • Worried your friend’s child has mastered the alphabet quicker than your child? Calm the fuck down.
  • Scared you’re not imparting the wisdom your child will need to survive in school and beyond? Calm the fuck down.
  • Concerned that you’re not the type of parent you thought you’d be? Calm the fuck down.
  • Upset that your child doesn’t show interest in certain areas of learning? Calm the fuck down.
  • Stressed that your child exhibits behavior in public you find embarrassing? Calm the fuck down.

Yes, using the CTFD method, you’ll find the pressure lifted and realize your child loves you no matter what, even if they’ve yet to master the alphabet. You’ll also learn that whether or not you’re the best parent in the world, as long as you love your child, they’ll think you are and that’s what matters.

Oh how we put pressure on ourselves as mothers. So hard on ourselves especially when it has anything to do with our children. But really I should just CALM THE F*CK DOWN! I am not perfect and that is ok. I do NOT have the answers to everything, smart tips and tricks and expert advises. All I have are personal moments that are ruled by how I love them. And really there is no one clearer rule except to just LOVE them. Everything else will follow.  I am all for raising unique individuals and clearly the only way to do that is mess them up a bit right? My imperfections will make them beautiful characters. It will make them MINE. 

much love

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Baby Shower to Welcome our Lil Man Roman

Hey Roman we are so excited for you to come out! We cannot wait to meet you! Mommy Mara is already so anxious going pass the 40 week mark and so are all your ninangs!!! 

This little guy is so lucky to have so many Titos and Titas waiting to spoil him.  Mara's baby shower is the biggest one yet  haha So for that we had to find a venue to fit all their guests!  So lucky that they are friends with Niki Sambile, the owner  of  Cafe14Four which provided the perfect setting for this affair. We got a fabulous package that included use of the space, scrumptious and filling merienda, a DIY S'mores station and Lemonade Stand. 
Cafe14Four is a Restaurant and a showroom in one. It is also open for engagement shoots! A fave of mine actually =)

Mara wanted a hint of blues,teal, gray and white and we accompanied it with small elements of the 'stache! Our friend Barbie did the hosting and games and also came up with our # for the day which was "lilmanroman" so apt!

Tarp,Big R  and bowties + moustache buntings courtesy of Ninang Kelly who couldn't join us, all other elements we just added and set up! We are seriously getting good at this haha Spot the cupcake stand that has been present in all our events 

Soo Roman please come out already! So many are waiting for you!! I now bombard your mom with text messages everyday asking if she is on her way to the hospital already! We love you already we cannot wait to meet you!!

much love

Arm Candies!!!

Pearls + watch + citrine necklace has been a boring combo I have been sporting for quite awhile now. I am just glad that these arm candies has pulled me out of my accessory rut (that I keep falling into)!  

I have 3 current faves that I would love to share with you guys! 

1. Lala Garcia MNL boasts of using semi-precious stones and crystals that goes for a fun and quirky design! My current faves are her bohippie and newest line - gypsyglam collection!!!

2. Wearmauve  not only brings it trendy and eye catching accessories but this great MANTRA bracelets that reminds you to sport good vibes all day in yummy pastel and bold hues!

3. CrucianiPH are the original macrame bracelets from Italy that comes in cute designs and colors!

I have tried on 3 different combos and its as if the possibilities are endless haha.  I love how they contradict yet compliment each other, my Mantras and cruciani gives a chill vibe while my crystals hikes it up a notch! It is such a gypsy glam* moment on my arms! haha

*gypsy glam - coined by Lala Garcia for her current collection. 

Top - Bottom :  LalaGarciaMNL gypsyglam collection - love those tassles ,  Wearmauve's Mantra Bracelers and CricuianiPH's neon pink clover design bracelet

Left - Right: Purple Gypsyglam bracelet from LalagarciaMNL , CrucianiPH clover bracelet, Dream from Mantra Bracelet set and another from the gypsyglam collection

Left - Right: A bit worn out, white bracelet from LalaGarciaMNL Bohippie collection,  Cruciani PH and 3 of 5 from my Mantra Bracelets WearMauve

I think my summers are covered with my pieces! BUT they are the ones that actually gets you to go and hoard! I only have 6 out of 15, YES 15 of the crystal bracelets, CrucianiPH is already broadening the designs they bring in here, while the Mantras come in so many colors! So good luck to me! I am having way too much fun with these! 

Much Love