Monday, March 23, 2015


I have finally accepted this fact, you do not mature into being a morning person.  I actually thought it came with age or even motherhood. BUT HELL NO. I dread waking up early, everyday, as I ready C for school. I can always blame it on my interrupted sleep. My girls still does not sleep through the night but really, who are we kidding. My actual favorite moment is when I see C off to school and I crawl back into bed before my girls wake up. For some reason they reward me with my best sleep of the day.  

Anyway I digress...

Although this was one of those times when I cannot go back to bed and have to trot along to C's school very, very, very, early in the morning. It clearly ends happy. On that fateful day, sleepy me accompanied him to school on a SATURDAY to witness their Field Demo and have mandatory fun at their fair. Mandatory, since we weren't allowed to leave early!

It was actually such a heartwarming moment. My son, as I have blabbed on here tend to be shy at times and overly cautious. He surprised me that day by dancing his heart out to "Immortals" from the movie Big Hero 6. I guess our previous talks paid off. Pass performances this year were filled with half-hearted dance move executions as he looks at me laughing in embarrassment. I guess he has reached the stage when he is now self-conscious. I hated it. I am glad though that he seems to have gotten over it and danced his ass off!!! 

And really there are no complaints as I was able to enjoy this fair with him and even got to enjoy a ride with him. Soon enough he wouldn't wanna be doing this with his mommy! I want more moments like these with you C! Even if it means waking up extra early in the morning!

much love

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