Friday, August 29, 2014

Fashion Flashback

Fixing my blog, I got into reminiscing and ended up going through my old blog as missdonata. Oh how I miss the life she had and the outfits she wore. That person seemed so put together and took chances on her outfits more! I have compiled some of my faves from the year that was -- 2011! HAHA Cannot believe that was 3 YEARS AGO! So interesting to see my style choices then and how up to now I hold certain style philosophies to heart. 

I loved this wine red skirt that I deemed "oh so sexy"! I think this is why I kept pairing it with long sleeved button downs just to balance it out! Actually I remember loving the ruching too and how it hides the tummy, that I guess was always my problem even before the girls came!

I cannot believe I only have 3 outfit shots of me wearing a kimono cover up! I remember it to be more than that, as this is my default and go to! Love how it transforms an outfit and elevates it to a more dramatic look - may it be a short dress, a maxi skirt or plain shorts!

My ever reliable knitted black poncho!!! I love pieces like these that adds such character to an outfit. So effortless to style too! I guess at that time I thought it goes so well with my animal print booties haha

Rarely would you see me in pants! BUT surprise! I have 3 sets of those in this series! Remembering the hey day of blazers and how it can easily amp up a rather simple outfit!

Please remind me what these pants are called? I was a sucker for them coz I thought it hides my tummy hahaha NOT Another look showcasing the importance of well fitted button sown blouses. It is truly a staple. 

I am including these 2 looks to mourn the demise of my shoes! =( Aren't they so edgy? =) 

My ever favorite lace shorts in red! Love how it can go from a simple and casual sailor inspired outfit to a more chic and uptown look - Funny how I didn't think I am a red person, but this series says otherwise. 
The return of the wide legged pants! I love this pant cut since I can easily wear platforms and cheat my height hahaha
My love affair with flirty skirts will never end, the poof and pleats will always always get me!

As much as I love how I used to dress up, I cannot wait to keep reinventing my personal style. Coming out of my pregnancy and bed rest left me out of sorts catching up with the trends and a new body type. 2 years on, I am slowly finding my footing. Keeping in mind too that I am also changing how I present myself to the world.  As the saying goes, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" (Rachel Zoe).  Well I am fervently, getting to know myself again and again. We, mothers tend to do that right? Self-assessment? And now that I have the toughest critics of all- my kids, I just have to be the best of myself even the silliest parts of me. OH BUT WAIT! FASHION IS NOT SILLY!

much love

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Of Rainbows and Sunshine

And when the times are dark and gloomy and everything seems to pull you down.
 Count your blessings, it's unlikely that you have none.

much love

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting to Know You

Oh Lila I am so happy to be getting to know you more and more. My worries have dissipated as I understand your ways and learned your strengths. You see, I have been worried ever since you were born, much smaller than your sister. I have distressed and tormented over you not hitting your milestones at the same pace as her. Even a 2 week difference was enough to scare me. However, I see YOU so clearly now, your different way of interacting with the world, I have begun to appreciate.

You see, Lila is quite a handful, my feisty little one. She is the one who runs around climbing everything, throwing things and laughing over hurting you. Although to be fair Sandra does those things too but Lila just does it more - much more!

Despite these things, what I used to worry about more, are again the milestones. Sandra just seemed to get there faster. I guess there is truly a blessing in everything. When I lost my yaya and started spending time with them 24/7, I was able to observe even more closely how Lila is. I think it also happened in a crucial time wherein they have developed their personalities more for me to see the change.  I saw how she is able to focus if given the chance. She was able to finish our alphabet puzzles on her own without getting up to do something mid-way. She is also adept to painting and again filled her paper until she is done. So I realized then her love for art and her ability to stay on task.

However, what really moved me is seeing how she shows her emotions. She chooses well and is very honest. If at times she does not feel like it, you won't be able to force her to hug or kiss you unlike Sandra who knows too well how she is supposed to act. However is she feels like it, she will shower you with kisses! She is awfully loyal to her sister too. Whenever Sandra is "punished" and made to stand on the wall, she will be right next to her.

So I understand now Lila, I was worried for nothing. I kinda see how differently you both will end up being! I am excited, but for now I am enjoying getting to know you and Sandra. I will forever be in awe of how similar yet different you both are.

much love

Neoprene Blooms

FANCIFUL skirt and top, SM Parisian flats
I am such a sucker for blooms especially now that they have gone through an upgrade! I have rekindled my love for them as they took on their new form, being as graphic and bold as can be, lending them such an edgy vibe. This top was purchased for my store but I cannot help keep one for myself! It was such a struggle though since as the trend on blouses now dictates - everything is so much shorter! I for one cannot sport anything cropped! My solution is pairing it with this flounce skirt since you can easily wear this high waisted! Bonus points on how this flirty hemline balances the boxy cut of the blouse! Full on neoprene on neoprene on a Sunday! 

much love

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Always a Favorite

There's something about this silhouette that I cannot let go. Maybe because it hides my flabby tummy and creates an illusion of a wider hips that balances my not so slim waist! Plus points for this beautiful color!

much love

Friday, August 22, 2014

Of Candied Tulle and Cupcakes

Oh to have daughters to dress up in anything tulle and whimsical, cartoonish purses! 

much love

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

As They Grow Older

So I am at the part of parenting where it is more than just keeping my girls alive, but shaping them into beautiful little persons. Wherein there is no longer a template, a how-to and clear list of things to do. Everything now is based on what values I hold dear and how I effectively pass this on to my children and maybe even improve them.  I AM SCARED.

We have now reached the point wherein my words are no longer the only ones they mimic but my actions too. Apart from me revelling in how greatly different my girls are, each picking up a different set of manners from me, I am also scared of letting my short comings shine through.

They have started with the little things like copying how I pluck and giving each other massages!! Hilarious at times but sometimes I worry. They stare at the mirror like I do after dressing up and insists on putting make-up too! Too soon my girls - not yet! First I want you to see how beautiful you are sans the frivolities.  I want them to see this is not what is truly important! I know the day will come when they will understand. I know I have to shrug off my worries and enjoy these silly moments. But of course that nagging feeling will always be there. I saw this quote once that says "Be the person you want your child to be".  Bring on the much needed reflections. They are the best motivation there will ever be. 

much love