Monday, February 9, 2015

Fashionista Problems x2!

My first ever splurge purchase for my girls are these orange, embellished, structured blouses from Gingersnaps. I have kept my head on for the last 2 years ++ in shopping for them in low-end brands and sales which we mixed and matched with all the lovely gifts we receive. 

On Sandra (Left): Cream Zara Cardigan, Orange embellished Gingersnaps Blouse, Denim SM Kids Shorts and Pink poof made by mommy  On Lila: Sans cardigan + Hello Kitty H&M purse from Ninang Jola 

How clearly symbolic these tops are since there is nothing smart about this purchase. It was all heart. My pure shopaholic heart that I kept reigned in for so long! Clearly there is nothing practical about orange and bling! How am I ever going to repeat this outfit??! But my heart soared, same feeling as when you buy a neon pink stiletto. It's soooo pretty - PRETTY IMPRACTICAL. My next purchases over the weeks were centered on nudes, denims and big sizes. My head is back on. Although some would beg to differ (ahem ahem my husband) wherein he would say I have been buying so much for the kiddos lately. I HAVE NO EXCUSE, except I have resisted my urges for soooo long. 

I have calmed down from the shopping rush since then and have come to a few conclusions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a few purchases for our kids especially if this will keep you sane and happy. Not even counting the pretty #OOTDs you can post ='D   

BUT again remember as you pick up the shiny gold pair of shoes for your infant who hasn't even started walking yet... they pretty much outgrow everything SO FAST especially in the 1st year. Be practical and mindful. Pick up the bigger size with allowance!!! Just like how our moms used to do it! There is much wisdom in that! 

Take note of sale season! However do not go wild and buy it ALL. Racks will always be filled with cuteness. I think anything TINY doubles its appeal! HAHA What I do if I have a few extra bucks to spend, is to stack up on basics for each stage. When you shop after a season, take note of the fabric which might not be applicable for the upcoming months so buy for the age that that season will fall into.  Or when you have trips planned through the year best to buy the coats when the winter collection is on sale =)

Stray away from things that are itchy and uncomfortable. The girls were actually not to keen with their orange blouses as they are made of a stiff material! My mistake! Is the lesson of tiis ganda too early to be taught? I think yes! HAHA

Mix and match brands! I splurged on this Zara cream cardigan because I can use it with everything. Plus points that it was on sale. I often scourge SM kids for tutus and sandals in different colors although they have nice basics too! So balance it out!!!

Photo with their amazing Kuya who is developing his own fashion sense too! 

Hoping I can apply all those to myself especially since we have to get everything x 2! But really lets not take away the fun of getting our girls all dolled up! We can do it without breaking the bank! HAHA

much love

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