Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tutus and Tiaras on My Little Dalagitas

All of a sudden, I have little dalagitas on my hands who have their own disposition in life. How is it possible that this soon, I already have these thinking beings that babble away question after question about everything they see and feel. Picking up new tricks and antics daily that I cannot seem to keep up with. 

Plain white tees from H&M, neon yellow tulle skirt from SM Kids, Pink Crowns and Hello Kitty Purse from H&M (gifts) and whites sandals from payless.

I think we can never stop being bewildered as mothers on this issue of time. How our days can sometimes be filled with waiting, looking at the clock, feeling as if our lives are at a stand still. Where days and nights bleed in and out onto the next with only diapers and feedings in between. Moments filled with non-stop picking up the pieces. Then there will be days when the air will be knocked out of us because it seems time is just fleeting. We cannot hold on to moments long enough. Suddenly, they started taking their first steps, uttering their first words, naming their colors and memorizing their alphabet. Suddenly they are talking to you in coherent sentences, imposing their needs and wants and having their own opinions. 

Don't we all wish we know how to reconcile the two? Time spent taking care of ourselves vs. time spent taking care of them. Time spent away fulfilling our dreams vs. time spent making new dreams together. Time with/for ourselves vs. time spent with our children and family. A perfect balancing act. It is ever possible? 

much love

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